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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lanang Aplaya Beach resort with my cousin and family

After two year ago when the sadness happens, again we have a beach party with my lolo, lolas cousins and family its like a reunion of Antoniano's Family. Indeed we have a successful party wherein we enjoy the good view along seashore its located at lanang aplaya beach resort before the downtown of Davao City. We have lots of food prepared to satisfy our stomach and salad also. We do this again because one my cousin close friend Jojo same as my nick name is leaving here in Davao going to Subic where assign this coming January 28, 2009.

I always treasure this event because it can reminish specially if everyone has its own family. I attached picture as remembrance.

Hopefully we can again gathered this next year if God is willing.

God is so good he provide a good weather and a nice beach resort so that everyone would enjoy as we begin our new world to this year 2009. I know we face lots of expeirence as we go to this journey of life but I have no fear beacause God is always our side to protect, to guide and to give as strength..


ANIME Addict said...

sa lanang po ba yan nka locate?

ANIME Addict said...

sa lanang po ba yana naka locate. dito sa davao?